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Our Terroirs

We care for 7 hectares of vines, according to the specifications of organic farming. These 7 hectares are spread over around 30 different plots, all of which have their own identity. All our vines are located on hillsides. At our latitude, this is particularly important, because the relief optimizes the sunshine and therefore promotes good ripeness of the berries while maintaining an interesting acid-sugar balance to develop gourmet wines.
We cultivate 10 different grape varieties, including the Klevener from Heiligenstein which is the specialty of our village and not found elsewhere! Thus, we offer you an incomparable palette of aromas and flavors: fresh and dry, powerful and intense, mellow or sweet… You will be spoiled for choice!
With our team of 15 people, we harvest all our plots by hand, in order to harvest only the most beautiful grapes, in the best places.
We produce around 35,000 bottles of wine per year, which we market to individuals, restaurateurs and wine merchants.





  • Surface : 97 hectares in total
  • Exposition : South-East
  • Communes : Heiligenstein, Bourgheim, Goxwiller, Gertwiller
  • Altitude : 175 – 260 m

It is a place called “Au”, a hill that descends widening from the center of the village to the plain. The terroir thus delimited is exposed to the south or south-east. It covers 97 hectares, 38 of which are currently planted in pink Savagnin.

The Au is an ancient dry moor that was, until the middle of the 18th century, a common pasture disputed by several villages. It is a poor soil, siliceous on the surface, sown with pebbles of flint and sandstone, with a silty matrix which is perfectly suited to this grape variety. All from the glacial erosion of Mont Sainte-Odile in the Quaternary era. This soil is not too rich and dry enough, naturally limiting the yield of the grape variety.


  • Surface : 40,63 hectares
  • Exposition : South-East
  • Commune : Barr
  • Altitude : 220 à 350 m
  • Grape varieties : Gewurztraminer (53%) Riesling (30%) Pinot Gris (16%) Muscat (1%)

When you arrive at Barr, by the Strasbourg road, you will see on the right the Kirchberg on the eastern slope of the Champ du Feu massif.
It owes its name to the Saint Martin chapel erected at the top of the hill.

This 40 ha area has belonged to the prestigious Grand Cru appellation since 1983. It meets the ideal conditions for the production of wines of character:

  • facing south-east, at an altitude varying between 215 and 315 m
  • sheltered from the north winds by the forest
  • extremely sunny
  • with a clay-limestone soil strewn with pebbles.

Gewurztraminer, Pinot Gris and Riesling are particularly favored there, although less early than on other terroirs.
The wines obtained are rich and opulent, often closed in their youth, and require several years of aging before reaching their peak and developing their fruitiness, aromas and structure. These are certainly great wines for aging.


  • Surface :
  • Exposition : South
  • Municipality : Barr
  • Altitude : 350 – 380 m

The terroir of the Salzhof – Côtes de Barr – is a clay-limestone terroir, located just above the Grand Cru Kirchberg de Barr. To the north, the forest protects this hill from the north wind.
The soil is stony and very difficult to work, the clay gives it a characteristic red color … This terroir imprints its mark and gives a characteristic typicity to the wines produced on its slopes, with good acidity and tension.

Contact information

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Tél.: 03 88 08 91 41


You will find our entire range of Alsace wines.
Our entire vineyard is certified in Organic Agriculture by Ecocert.

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We welcome you to our cellar from Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. and from 2 p.m. to 7 p.m.

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